Solborg Folkehøgskole Globall


Solborg Folkehøgskole Globall is the concept to create contact and solidarity with the ball in the center. Learn how ball games can be a way to improve conditions for poor children and young people in the countries you visit. “Take a ball under your arm, embark on a journey and see what happens. You will make friends, many friends. And you shouldn’t miss out on traveling if you are going to GloBall.” Two main tours are Africa and one for Southeast Asia. In addition, a football tour to London is organised with a chance to enjoy city offerings. When Globall is in Norway, trainings and games are organised against asylum reception centers, against Stavanger prison and others in the local area. I had an opportunity to shoot Solborg fhs while they were training amongst themselves in Forus Spotssenter. Football, Volleyball and Innebandy were played.