Fencing Stavanger


Fencing Stavanger – Stavanger Fekteklubb members had a photoshoot in my studio. Check here the outcome of that session.  

Btw. Have you ever seen a fencing match? Did you know that there is a lot to do with the tactics? In July this year, I had the opportunity to shoot the Norwegian championship in fencing, part of NM Veka. During those 3 days, I observed fencers and the way they fight. It was only after I spoke to the fencers, that I got a better understanding of how exciting it is, how much you need to use tactics, even to keep in mind how much bent and how elastic is your epee (it is changing during the use). Below is a beautiful quote by American fantasy author V.E.Schwab which best describes my thoughts about fencing today. “Fencing is a game of living chess, a match where reflexes only work in combination with intent, and mind and body must work together at every moment.”