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Providing corporate and business photography services throughout Stavanger and Rogaland, Norway.

"La dine fineste øyeblikk vare evig"

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Corporate & Business Photos Stavanger

A creative photo shoot is a great way to capture the action, movement and passion of your favourite sport, hobby or pastime.

We’ll start by planning a shoot that suits you and your activity, then play with composition, light, movement and orientation. During the shoot, I will carefully lead you through a fun photo session that makes you feel like a star and leaves you with priceless images; looking your best, doing your thing.

This could be in the studio for a portrait photo shoot, at a training session practising your sport, during a competition or event in the heat of battle or out in nature, just relaxing and living your best life with your family.

I am available in Stavanger, Norway and also happy to travel to suit your requests.

Next, I’ll take your images into Photoshop and used the creative photo editing process to create something extra special, amazing or surreal. 

This could be for a special occasion, or for things like advertising or promotional materials that really make you stand out from the crowd.

People and subjects in my photography are often portrayed as strong, successful individuals or groups, but I also like to show the nicest feelings and emotion of the moment.

Let’s create something special and produce lasting memories that you can hang proudly on the wall at home or share with the world on Instagram or Facebook.

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